Locksmiths in Vancouver BC

Locksmiths in Vancouver BC

Locksmiths in Vancouver BC (British Colombia) are also well known as security workers. Locksmith is a person who has good knowledge about keys and locks. They can make keys, repair broken locks and are also able to set up security alarms for home, office and cars. But in Vancouver BC, locksmiths need to go through Security Programs and must have license issued from Police Technologies Division of the B.C. Ministry of the Attorney General.

Locksmith has opportunities in Vancouver BC. A locksmith can earn a good amount of money buy simply fixing locks and keys. They are also hired in Vancouver to put security alarm for offices and schools. But a locksmith in Vancouver BC is not only about keys and locks. British Colombia has great security and strict rules for security workers. To work as a security worker in Vancouver, a valid license is must. He would need to go through some process.

First of all, a locksmith would need to apply to an experienced locksmith or any organization to work under with that has a valid license. After he gets approved by an experienced licensed locksmith or any locksmith organization in Vancouver BC, a locksmith would need to work under his or their supervision for 2 years.

After getting approached by any experienced locksmith, a locksmith can apply to Police Technologies Division of the B.C for his Supervision license. After applying for the Supervision license, he will get a online application form. He will have to fill the requirements like personal information, phone number, a passport size photo and a reference letter confirming that you are assigned under a knowledgeable locksmith. After completing this process he can download and print the applicant copy and set it to the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety.


To get a locksmith license in Vancouver BC, a locksmith would need to complete apprenticeship period. This period lasts for two years or 3600 hr under supervision of any skilled locksmith.

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Locksmith can apply for his license from the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety by following the same method. But in this case he might include certification from his employer to endorse that he has been assigned to this field for two years with great experience. If anyone has criminal report on them, may not be approved to get any license for locksmith.

In Vancouver, there are many organizations that do training programs for locksmith. Anyone interested to take locksmith as a profession can take beginner training from there. Those training will have no effect on in receipt of license.