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Sibania Capodimonte figurines
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Figurines showed in this page are made in Italy by Soc. Sibania and sculptured by Paolo Frigo.
They are very famous products having a very high quality and beauty, and have the Capodimonte mark.
Every figurine is entirely hand made using high quality porcelain, so they really are unique objects.
Clothes are made using thin foils of porcelain reproducing colours and woof of cloth.
These foils are then modelled and applied by hand on each figurine before to put them in the stove.
Some details of working
Soc. Sibania has the copyright on these images and products, and has kindly let us to show them.

Art.030-A - Gigetto Tempesta
height 16 cm. - euro 262.00

Art.240-C - Osvaldo
height 17.5 cm. - euro 138.00

Art.253 - Tenta e ritenta
height 14.5 cm. - euro 105.00